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INTRODUCING!  "Mortgage Commission Advances" for Independent Loan Brokers & Agents

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Guaranteed low rates with NO hidden fees.

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All information is encrypted and we never share your personal information.

No Obligation

No responsibility until your account funds.

Same Day Funding

We will wire the funds to your bank account usually within 1-hour.

Grace Period

You have 15 days from closing to pay your advance without any additional cost.

Automatic Repayment

Your advance is automatically repaid by the closing company.

Tax Benefit

The fee associated with your commission advance is a tax deductible business expense.

Commission West your preferred commission advance provider!

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Need Help With Your Cash Flow?

Need Help With Your Cash Flow?

Being an Agent or Broker you have many business expenses that require a steady cash flow to maintain. Office lease or desk fee(s), advertising, quarterly's, insurance, etc., just to name a few. Many times the timing of your income doesn't satisfy your business needs.

Have a Pending Sales Contract?

Have a Pending Sales Contract?

One thing for certain is if you have a pending sales contract ready to close within the next 60 days, Commission West can help you. We can help you bridge the gap between your commissions to take care of those business expenses.

Get up to $25,000 of Your Commission Now!

Get up to $25,000 of Your Commission Now!

Commission West can advance your commission as a solution to your cash flow needs. Get up to $25,000 in a few hours using your pending sales contract as collateral. Get your commission now and pay it back at closing. No longer will you have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days till closing for your commission!


 The Leading National Real Estate Commission Advance Company

Commission West, Inc. founded by a California consumer lending company and a real estate broker. They recognize that real estate agents and brokers need a quick, reliable solution to their cash flow problems. Commission West has been providing real estate commission advances for over twenty years. During this time frame Commission West has handled hundreds of millions of dollars in commission advance transactions. Commission West has developed a complete online commission advance process through the internet and electronic banking system.  This convenience has made Commission West the leading commission advance companies to real estate agents and brokers nationwide.

Impeccable customer service has been the main reason that our customer's consistently refer their colleagues. Commission West is one of the most established commission advance companies in the industry. It's measure of success is marked by the thousands of satisfied REALTORS® it serves nationwide.
Recently, Commission West is now offering the same quick and easy commission advance services for independent mortgage loan brokers and loan agents nationwide.  If you are an independent mortgage loan broker or loan agent you can advance up to $25,000 of your commission new loan purchases and refinances.


Types of Real Estate Transactions

Commission West will advance commission for any type of real estate transaction you may be dealing with.


Commission advances on any pending residential sales contract, including: (1) single- family homes, (2) condominiums, (3) townhouse, (4) co-op, (5) multi-family home and (6) land.

Short Sale

Commission advances on bank approved short sales.


Commission advances on all types of commercial properties, including: (1) office space/buildings, (2) industrial, (3) retail, (4) multi-family/apartments and (5) hotels.


Commission advances on active listings require a minimum of 3 active listings and a sales volume of at least 8 sales in the last 12 months.

Business Sale

Commission advance on a pending sale of a business. Must have an escrow file open and instructions signed.


Commission advances for independent mortgage loan brokers or agents.

Real Estate Commission Advance Blog

Why Get a Commission Advance from Commission West

Being a commission based sales executive makes it very difficult to manage your business and plan for expenses.  Cash flow is a major concern for real estate agents and brokers.  When low on cash many agents resort to expensive personal loans, credit card advances, home equity lines or just asking a friend or family member for a loan.  Over the past decade commission advances have become very popular to help real estate professionals, bridge the gap between commissions.  With Commission West’s services real estate agents can now access up to $25,000 by leveraging their pending sales and listing contracts.
Commission West will purchase your commission at a reasonable discount allowing you to convert your commission receivable into quick cash.  This is NOT a loan, so we do not check your personal credit, we are simply factoring your commission receivable enabling you to access the cash needed to build your business.  No longer will you have to hold off on purchasing advertising and promotional materials.  Pay your office space/desk fees, multi-list fees and self-employment taxes timely.  You can now be in the position to take advantage of potential business investments.
With Commission West you are dealing with an established company and experienced team that is dedicated to providing cash flow solutions to real estate professionals.  No matter what type of real estate transaction you are dealing with Commission West has cash for you.  Short sales, new construction, commercial property, multi-unit buildings you name it, we are here to help!  Our entire process is so fast and simple you could receive your funds in as quickly as a few hours.
So if your cash flow is slowing you down, get a commission advance from Commission West today!


  • You guys have been helping our agents for years with their cash flow needs. This has been a lifeline for many. Closing more deals! Friendly customer service is the best!

    Robert C, Independent Broker/Moab, UT
  • Thanks CW! Great service, highly recommended. A five star real estate commission advance company.

    Tamika B, Redfin/Seattle, Wa
  • Thank you for all your help over the last several years. It has been a pleasure working with your staff at Commission West! You guys are truly professional your online commission advance service is fast, simple and easy to navigate.

    Cedric E, Century 21/Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Thanks to Commission West for getting me my commission advanced before escrow closed. Helped me to advertise more on some pending listings which helped close another deal. Not to mention the great customer service... I recommend any realtor to use this commission advance service.

    Maria G, Coldwell Banker/Los Angeles, CA
  • Needed money before escrow would fund. Was referred to Commission West by one of my colleagues. Rcvd $5,000 quickly to help with necessary expenses. Great customer service! Will use this easy commission advance service any time.

    Kathy S, Keller Williams/Pheonix Az
  • Deal wasn't closing soon enough! Needed some extra cash to help with my mortgage and car note. Commission West provided my commission advance and wired $10,000 to my account within 1-day. Thanks!!

    John M, REMAX/Costa Mesa, CA