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  • Posted Thursday, November 22, 2018

Commission Advance for Your End of Year Real Estate Business Expenses

End of Year Cash Flow Solution for Realtors:  

If you have a pending sales contract closing at the end of the year and need to take care of some business expenses.  Then a commission advance on your pending sales contract may very well be the cash flow you need.  End of year expenses like quarterly's, car payment, advertising campaign or a new smart phone or tablet can be some last minute expenses that hamper your cash flow.  Commission West can quickly get Agents & Brokers the cash flow they need to close out the year.  Just apply online at https://commissionwest.com  you will be able to access up to $25,000 of your end of year real estate commission.  Let us do the waiting and you close out the year in the black!  It's that easy!



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