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  • Posted Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Advance Commissions Can Help Your Real Estate Business Cash Flow

Advance Commissions Can Help Your Real Estate Business Cash Flow

Let’s explore a simple cash flow option that can help your real estate business in a bind

No matter how long you’ve been in the real estate business, you know the challenges of cash flow. For many agents, the most difficult part of the business is managing your cash flow demands when commissions are untimely.  Since there are many factors that may impact your cash flow, Commission West is here with financial services that can help you in a pinch.  Whether you use a home equity loan, personal loan or a credit card to alleviate your cash flow needs, everyone of these options may impact your personal credit rating.  Using a pending sales contract to advance your commission does not impact your personal credit.  The approval of a commission advance application is based strictly on your sales history and the strength of the pending contract.  Many customers from all over the United States have experienced the Commission West advantage.



  • Secure Online Application

  • Guaranteed Lowest Rates

  • 15-Day Grace Period

  • Tax Deductible Expense


Let Commission West help keep your cash flowing!


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