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  • Posted Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Are Real Estate Cash Advances Right For You?

Whether you’re new to the real estate business or have decades of experience, there is one aspect of working as a realtor that can be very frustrating: fluctuating income due to the need to wait for commissions to come through before you can receive your commission payment. In the past, many realtors had to make due with savings or even tackling side jobs to bring in money during those waiting periods, but that has all changed with the rise of commission advances.

Factoring real estate commissions has given realtors the ability to stabilize their income and avoid those periods of financial worry in between commission closings. But are cash advance real estate commissions and other types of advance commissions right for you? Let's take a look at whether getting an advance form the best realtors commission USA is the right choice.

#1: Do you have periodic breaks between commissions?

If you find yourself with periodic breaks in between receiving commissions, then an advance may be the best option because it allows you get your money when you need it rather than having to wait until your open commission(s) closes.

#2: Do you have multiple commissions going at once?

Advances are especially beneficial when you have more than one commission open, because it allows you to get even more money in advance than a solo commission. However, you should note that most lenders do have a limit on the amount you can be advanced, so you may not be able to receive the full amount of all your commissions if they exceed that limit.


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