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  • Posted Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Cash Flow Solutions to Real Estate Agents, California

If you are a real estate agent or you are planning on becoming a realtor and have done your research, then you will no doubt already know that cash flow can be a frustration for even a top-selling real estate agency at their form.

Real Estate Cash Flow

Cash flow solutions to real estate agents are in high demand due to the fluctuating and difficult nature of cash flow in the real estate industry. With a traditional job where you are paid wages or based on hourly work, regular cash flow comes through every month and allows you to pay off monthly and other regularly reoccurring bills, secure in the knowledge of how much you will bring in every month. In the real estate industry, cash flow is much more staggered; you might have income for 4 months straight and then no monthly income for 3 months straight.

Cash Advances for Real Estate Commissions

And that is where cash advance real estate commissions come in. Cash advance real estate commissions are one of the best cash flow solutions to real estate agents, California because they solve the frustration of needing money from an upcoming commission now rather than in 4 months when the transaction closes. A cash advance for real estate commissions is essentially an advance loan on an upcoming commission; most companies will require the advance to be paid back within a certain timeframe after the transaction closes at the risk of incurring fees for late payment.

So, if you are a real estate agent who:

  • Is having trouble paying your regular bills because commissions take several months to pull through

  • Needs your commission income now for bills or other necessities

  • Wants to solve the problem of inconstant cash flow

… Then you should definitely take advantage of commission advances for your next commission!


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