Debt Settlement for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

If your like most real estate agents and brokers your cash flow can pose a problem with personal credit.  Unfortunately, creditors require their payments to be paid on a 30 day billing cycle but commission's come in sometimes 30, 45, 60, 90 days.  This becomes the biggest challenge to real estate professionals to stay on top of their personal creditors.  If this cycle isn't managed conservatively you may find yourself in a situation where your debt becomes insurmountable.  If this your situation a viable option to avoid bankruptcy would be debt settlement.

Debt settlement company is staffed with expert negotiators that will help settle your unsecured debt (ie. credit cards, personal loans, revolving credit, payday loans, etc) at deep discounts.  They will then set you up on a affordable payment that will consolidate all your creditors and get you on the path to being debt free within 12 to 48 months.

Commission West partnering with "Settle My Credit" to Help Real Estate Professionals

Commission West has partnered with "Settle My Credit" and is offering a specialized debt settlement program just for real estate professions.  Leveraging larger discounts for lump sum payouts corresponding to your commission checks.  Most creditors prefer one time lump sum payouts then monthly payments and offer the best settlements when presented to them.

As a real life example, Crystal R., a real estate agent from Los Angeles, CA enrolled $23,000 of unsecured debt. Consisting mainly of credit card and personal loan debt.  Settle My Credit helped Crystal and negotiated with her creditors a total balance of $9,890.  Thats a savings of  $13,110!  They then set Crystal up on lump sum settlements corresponding to when her real estate commissions.  Which actually went to her advantage because many creditors prefer lump sum settlements and provide larger discounts.  

If your looking for a debt settlement company specializing in helping real estate professionals then give "Settle My Credit" a try.  They will provide you with a FREE debt savings proposal within minutes.  Provide you with a honrable way to settle your unsecured debt and become debt free!  See how easy it is to qualify for Settle My Credit's Debt Relief Program.




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