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  • Posted Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fast Cash Flow Solutions For Real Estate Agents in California

Real estate companies across the nation, and especially those in California, are all too often faced with cash flow issues while waiting for expected commissions to be paid. These cash flow issues are unpredictable and can create serious problems in the daily operation of any agency or brokerage. Running a profitable and growing business can be put at risk by serious cash flow problems.

Traditional financing options to solve the problem are expensive and slow. However, there is a better option. An experienced and innovative real estate financing company, Commission West Inc. offers fast, fair and effective cash flow solutions for real estate agents across California. With cash advances on expected real estate commissions, every agent and broker can receive the funds they need to pay the bills, promote the business or invest in new opportunities.

Commission West Inc. purchases expected commissions from real estate agents and brokers at a reasonable discount, allowing these hard-working professionals to convert outstanding commission receivables into immediate cash. The finance company’s terms and rates are much more favorable than any other form of business financing. Working with the industry leading firm is fast and simple, and funds are often delivered in as quickly as a few hours. Commission advances from this company empower the growth and success of real estate companies with its effective cash flow solutions.

It's an organization dedicated to offering effective and timely cash flow solutions to real estate agents and brokers. Regardless of the type of real estate transaction, we can provide a short-term cash alternative. Don’t let cash flow slow the business down, secure a commission advance to keep the business in high gear.


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