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  • Posted Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why Get a Real Estate Commission Advance?

A commission advance for real estate agents is no longer a common occurrence, thanks to the rise in companies who provide advances for realtors who need to bridge the gap between commissions and keep a regular cash flow going for their bills and other expenses. A commission advance for real estate agents is available to realtors who meet certain qualifications set by advance loan companies. But why should you get a real estate commission advance in California? There are many reasons why a real estate commission advance in California is the right option for you—take a look at the top reasons that will show you why more and more realtors are choosing advances.

They are less expensive than the alternatives

Before the popularity of commission advances, realtors who needed cash flow before their next advance had to turn to taking out personal loans, getting credit card advances, or even home equity lines. All of these options are more expensive than commission advances, which have lower fees and are designed specifically with realtor’s needs in mind.

They are beneficial for business expenses

People who use realtor commission advances in place of other types of advances or loans will find that commission advances are simply better when it comes to covering ordinary business expenses. The quick cash flow will allow you to spend money on various business expenses when you need them—from your self-employment taxes to office furniture to computer equipment and everything in between—instead of having to wait for your commission to come through.

They are straight forward

Unlike traditional personal loans and credit card advances, a commission advance for a realtor is a straightforward advance that doesn’t leave room for hidden fees or surprise fees that hit you once your commission comes through.


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