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  • Posted Friday, October 13, 2017

Industry Leading Financing For Realtors in California Available

Being a commission-based real estate sales executive can create cash flow problems in managing daily activities, paying expenses and fueling the business for growth. Due to irregular closings and unexpected delays, cash flow can be a common and major concern for real estate agents and brokers alike. Traditional methods to address and overcome these issues have been expensive personal loans, credit card advances with high interest rates, or home equity lines on an agent’s personal property.

There is a more cost effective and faster way to bridge the gap between commission checks and keep the business running smoothly and efficiently. This method is through a commission advance. From short sales to new construction, commercial property, residential sales, or multi-unit building transactions, the financing experts at Commission West Inc. now offer up to $25,000 in commission cash advances for pending sales and listed contracts. The commission express franchise offers affordable financing for realtors across California.

Commission West Inc. purchases expected commissions at a reasonable discount, allowing brokers and agents to convert outstanding commissions receivables into immediate cash. The finance company’s terms and rates are much more favorable than any other form of business financing, and the cost of the service is tax deductible. For every completed request for a commission advance, the company will propose a fair cash payment for any outstanding commission.

Working with the industry leading firm is fast and simple, often delivering cash funds in as quickly as a few hours. Using the company’s innovative commission advance calculator, any agent or broker can quickly determine both their upcoming commission and the amount of the commission advance.

Real Estate companies and agencies no longer need to defer paying bills, postpone marketing and promotional activities, or pass up lucrative business investments. Commission advances from this company empowers the growth and success of companies with its effective cash flow solutions.

Commission West Inc. is an organization dedicated to offering effective and timely cash flow solutions to real estate agents. Regardless of the type of real estate transaction, Commission West can provide a short-term cash alternative. Don’t let cash flow slow the business down, secure a commission advance to keep the business in high gear.


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