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  • Posted Friday, February 02, 2018

Real Estate Business Cash Flow Solutions For California Agents And Brokers

Real estate business cash flow issues for California real estate agents and brokers who are just staring out or who are rapidly growing their business can be a serious issue, creating problems with payroll, executing marketing promotions, or even paying bills. The irregular timing of commissions and unexpected delays in closings create issues in managing a smoothly operating and growing real estate agency or brokerage.

Commission West is an industry leader in real estate cash flow solutions, delivering fast and fair e-commission cash advances up to $25,000 for pending sales and listed contracts. The highly experienced mortgage commission advance company has one of the best realtor’s commission advance programs available in the country designed to assist real estate businesses with cash flow and real estate investing initiatives.

With some companies, commission advance fees can be hidden or confusing, not being disclosed until the final contract is signed. Commission West offers a very simple fee structured cash advance program based on the number of days until escrow closes. The simple structure makes it easy to understand the cost of the advance and because everything is disclosed up front before any contract is signed, there are no surprises. The company even provides a handy commission advance calculator so that anyone can determine in advance with the fees will be.

There is no better time to take advantage of Commission West’s mortgage commission advance program to fuel the growth of your real estate agency, better manage your business’ cash flow, fund a new marketing initiative, or make a significant real estate investment.


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