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  • Posted Sunday, June 25, 2017

Secrets About Real Estate Commission Advance USA (That You Need to Know)

Advance payment for realtors has become the overwhelming norm for realtors who want to have regular cash flow despite the sometimes irregular nature of a real estate income. Due to their hassle-free nature and their convenience, many real estate businesses and real estate agents are turning towards real estate commission advance USA for their solution to advance payment for realtors. If you are interested in how to apply for real commission, consider the following secrets about real estate commission advance USA that you need to know.

Secret #1: You can receive 100% of your net earned commission as an advance

When most people apply for real commission, they worry that they will only be able to receive a fraction of their commission as an advance. However, you can actually get 100% of your net commission as an advance from most commission advance lenders; it should be noted that most lenders do have a monetary limit of about $15,000 per advance.

Secret #2: You can get them for almost any type of sale

Your advance doesn't have to be for a pending residential sale only; you can receive advances for active listings, pending sales, and more.

Secret #3: You can get your advance within hours (or less!)

The days of waiting anxiously for a check in the mail are over! With a commission advance in the modern age, you can receive your approved commission advance within hours; sometimes, you can even receive it within an hour! This means you have the ability to get near-instant access to your money.


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