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  • Posted Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Top Commission Advance Tips You Can't Miss

Safe and secure commission advances are the key to regular cash flow for realtors and real estate businesses; if you are a real estate agent, taking advantage of safe and secure commission advances will allow you to fill in the gaps between commissions. If you are interested in faster cheaper commission advances and you aren't yet familiar with advances, consider the following top commission advance tips. These top commission advance tips will help you find the best faster cheaper commission advances to improve your cash flow.

Tip #1: Find out how much your advance will cost before your sign

If you’re unsure about the costs of your advance, you can use a cost estimator provided by the company of your choosing or talk with one of their representatives to find out how much your particular advance will cost in the long run. It is better to know beforehand so that you can be sure to budget accordingly.

Tip #2: Don’t limit yourself to pending residentials

You can get advances for almost any type of sale, including short sales, commercial sales, and depending on the lender, you may even be able to get an advance on an active listing.

Tip #3: Leave yourself room to avoid the cut-off times

There are cut-off times that you need to be aware of which can limit when you get your money; this can be a problem if you need the money immediately, so be sure that you are leaving yourself enough room to get your advance on the same day. For most lenders, this cut off time is 4:00 PM CT for wiring money to your bank as a same-day transfer.


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