Commission advance fees can be very confusing. Many times companies will not disclose the fees until you sign the final contract. Commission West has a very simple fee structure based on the number of days until escrow closes. This simple structure makes it easy for you to understand the cost of your advance with no suprises. Below is our current fee schedule and a Sample calculation of how charges are itemized. Keep in mind the entire cost of a commission advance qualifies as a tax deductible business expense. To access our commission advance calculator Click here.

No. of Days till Closing % Fee
<= 45 days 10
> 45 days 12

* Our bank wire fee is $45

Sample calculation of how charges our itemized.

“A $5,000.00 Advance with escrow scheduled to close in 35 days wired to your bank account.”

Fee Calculation: $5,000 x 0.10 = $500 + $45 = $545.00 (This is a tax deductible business expense)

We would purchase your commission receivable for $4,455.00 (This is the amount we would wire to your account)

Your settlement company will pay us $5,000.00 at closing.

Remember there is always a 15 day grace period of NO additional fees if escrow is delayed.