Commission advances are becoming more popular

Being a commission based sales executive makes it very difficult to manage your business and plan for expenses. Cash flow is a major concern for real estate agents and brokers. When low on cash many real estate agents resort to expensive personal loans, credit card advances, or home equity lines. Over the past decade commission advances have become very popular to help real estate agents, bridge the gap between commissions. With Commission West’s services, real estate agents can now access up to $25,000 by leveraging their pending sales and listing contracts.

Commission advances help with business expenses

Commission West will purchase your commission at a reasonable discount allowing you to convert your commission receivable into quick cash. This is NOT a loan, so we do not check your personal credit. We are simply factoring your commission receivable enabling you to access the cash needed to build your business. In fact, our terms and rates are much more favorable than any other business financing that you could find. Even better the cost of our commission advance service is a tax deductible business expense.

No longer will you have to hold off on purchasing advertising and promotional materials. Pay your office space/desk fees, multi-list fees and self-employment taxes more timely. You can now be in the position to take advantage of potential business investments.

Commission advances for any real estate transaction

With Commission West you are dealing with a team that is dedicated to providing cash flow solutions to real estate agents. No matter what type of real estate transaction you are dealing with Commission West has cash for you. Short sales, new construction, commercial property, multi-unit buildings you name it, we are here to help! Our entire process is so fast and simple you could receive your funds in as quickly as a few hours.

So if your cash flow is slowing you down, get a commission advance from Commission West today!